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Calla Lily Group, LLC (CLG) is a full service educational consulting firm. Our current focus is providing research-based training, curricula and engagement activities in Reading, for the school-age student, across the United States of America and beyond.

With over 20 years of progressive educational experience, our goal is to be a bridge builder for parents, grandparents, educators and community stakeholders to use scientifically proven strategies to strengthen the sub-skills of reading in learners exponentially, over time. We are purposely positioned to support all through our framework "Gardening Greatness".

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Let's bring your dream online, Together

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My community partners call me the “master pruner”, all 23 of them (including the National Institute of Excellence in Teaching, SC Department of Education, and Headstart programs). I’m a pro at analyzing your plans, and trimming off the excess so you’re only left with good fruit.

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